Sprouts Market Reverse Typography Engineer

Good old fashioned healthy food can be found at Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  Sprouts has capitalized on today’s need for organic and fresh food; plus they are able to offer their goods at a great price point (lower than most natural chain stores). The design of their web page evokes times of yesteryear when things were simple.  They use fonts and colors that really stand out, but are in harmony with each other.

The url for Sprouts is https://www.sprouts.com/


The Logo font is simple, and one that is in the family that we are familiar with, but with a little serif flair and shadow added to give it some character.  The shade of the font itself evokes fresh, and things alive, and the edges are not too sharp, which would be too modern.


The font in the center of the page “healthy living” is still one that we are familiar with, but less rounded and more business-like, because after all “healthy living” is the most important things, right? The white “it’s for less” font is a perfect companion to the red font because of the color and type contrast.  The typeface is almost whimsical and makes one think “why yes, we DO want to eat healthy, but to get it for LESS, even better.”



The font used for the navigation links is in the same familiar family of type, but with a “no-nonsense” look to them. No flair, just the facts ma’am.  Their message is “here is the stuff you need to know right here” without needing to add flair or character to them.



The font on the truck is is keeping with the “old fashion values” of the site and the company itself.  The edges are not hard or crisp, rather they are soft and a little weathered.  The font says “this is food grown by real farmers, and we’ve been in business for generations, so you can trust us.” The old fashioned truck model just sets the scene perfectly.


All of the fonts on the Sprouts page really work well together. They are simple, which is what you want to be thinking when you consider where you will be buying your food; we simply want good, wholesome, food. The details of weathering, flair, and type contrast are also very effective.


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