Updated Queen Bee Magazine Post



When our Visual Media/Design class was asked to create a magazine spread utilizing Adobe In Design I have to admit that I was more than a little intimidated. I had no experience with the program, but began to realize just how powerful it was for creating and designing visual media. I had the hardest time picking a topic to write about. I knew I wanted it to be geared toward the youth, and to girls, specifically, as I have 3 of my own.

As I was scanning through my 1,000’s of pictures I kept gravitating towards those that were of flowers – go figure.  Then I zeroed in on a series that I had taken of busy bees pollinating the flowers in the most beautiful garden. These pictures were taken on August of 2015 in a Michigan state botanical garden by myself.

I could see the vastness of the garden in the rows and rows of seemingly endless beds of flowers, but the bees seemed only focused on their little patch.  They mostly stayed on one or two flowers, flitting back and forth between them; a part of a focused buzzing symphony.

After I narrowed down which images I wanted to use, I then knew exactly what I needed to focus on: the Deseret Beehive. Immediately what came to mind was what the bee and beehive symbolizes; hard work, cooperation and steadfastness. When bees work together as part of a collective they are able to create a wonderful synergy that produces a liquid gold – delicious and nutritious honey.   Each bee engages in what seems a very small task in comparison to the larger picture, but when we parallel that “busy bee work” to our own labors as part of our community collective,and individual homes, it makes a huge difference to what “is being produced.”

My cited article about “busy bees”, and it meaning, is geared towards the youth – specifically young women.  The “work” that the article in the magazine spread refers to is the Lord’s work – because we are the Lord’s bees.


The magazine article is meant to be read by everyone, but the message is especially poignant for young girls ages 12-14. These young women, who are not quite grown up and still straddle the world of adolescence and womanhood must always remember that their actions, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, are recognized by the Lord, and are equally important to Him and to His work.

Girls, we were born to be Queens.  Shine forth, and work diligently, adding to the collective…..our works and the way we work can be an example to the nations of the world.


I used the article entitled “Bees, Beehives, and You” by By Annette Murray Wells and Stephen A. Wells for my magazine spread. The link to the article is below:


I chose the garden spread image as a background on each of the pages because of the beauty of the flowers and their many colors. I used the (round) images with the bees on individual flowers a “spotlight” images in the two copy pages because I really wanted to highlight the bee “doing the work” of pollinating each flower because this is a great parallel to the work that we can each do individually – which benefits the collective ad well as our own lives.


In the magazine spread I highlighted a couple of my favorite quotes from the article because  I felt that they really said it so eloquently.

They are are: “One woman [bee] is helpful; ten women are influential; one hundred are powerful; one thousand invincible.”

What a powerful, and true message this is!!!

My other favorite quote is this: ” You are elect, you were born of noble birth, you were born to be a queen.” This also is powerful, and true. Ladies, we truly are meant to be ‘Queen Bees.’

We strive to Become….born as ‘worker bees’, we are meant to become Queens….



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