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It’s all about what’s REALLY important….
I created an AD for DOVE beauty bar – a household name in the context of a good quality soap that really is so much more than just “soap.” For years, Dove has used the tagline “1/4 moisturizing cream in every bar,” to convey that their product not just cleans, but moisturizes and protects the skin.  Our skin in the largest organ in the body so protecting it is paramount.  We often forget that everything we put on our skin – or even touch, is absorbed into it.  With that thought, we really should be as conscious about what we are putting on the skin as we can.
In a nutshell, DOVE is the perfect “soap” that really isn’t merely a soap at all…it is a “beauty bar,” that is, in addition to being moisturizing, is a bar that contains ingredients that protect the skin.



AGE: 55-64



INCOME: $40,000 – $59,000 


Given the target audience demographics for bar soap, my first thoughts were of the DOVE brand because of its quality, and longevity on the market (the brand was created in 1957). As someone who falls within the target audience demographic (for the most part anyway), I relate to both the quality, longevity and of course, the thought of “protecting” my skin.


This is my Facebook (sized) AD

This is my Blog Post (sized) AD


In creating my AD, I took the thoughts of quality and protection of my skin a step further, and state that using DOVE beauty bar is actually a NECESSITY for the SURVIVAL of your skin. I parlayed that thought into a layered marketing concept, which is simple: “use this product – it really is necessary if you want your skin to “survive” all of the environmental, and other stressors we are all exposed to.


My marketing vision is a tropical island beach where a treasure chest is washed ashore with the “necessary comfort items” that one would need in order to “Survive.” These “necessary items,” include bottled water, a first aid kit, bars of chocolate, a sunhat, a meditation journal, flashlight and blanket, and of course Dove Bar Soap. These items convey the idea that addressing the skin (protecting and caring for it), is just as important as caring for your emotional needs; such as relaxation on a beach with a good book and some chocolate.
Taking care of yourself includes your skin (soap and sunhat), your mind (journal), your pleasure center (chocolate), your body  (water), and a few other ‘essential items’, such as a flashlight, matches, and a blanket for those cold nights.


because I felt it had a “Pirates of the Caribbean – oh no! we are shipwrecked on a tropical island, oh darn!” Most of us would not mind being “shipwrecked” for a weekend, would we?
The font is whimsical because my message has a double meaning: if you only have room in your life for the absolute necessities, then DOVE beauty bar (and chocolate) have to be on that short list.
I used for my brand name font because it is similar to the one Dove itself uses, which is on the feminine side. I am, after all, marketing to women, and even the smallest details are noticed (if only subliminally).
I chose to let the background of the beach, with its sandy-beige color and the blue sky, really be more OF a background, and focused on the colorful items in the “survival kit” on the beach itself. I did not want to detract from the items in the chest, so I chose black font – simple and elegant – just like the message itself.


The DOVE images were used by permission from Unilever, and the terms of use can be found  here:
The other images were all designated as “for reuse” and obtained from these sites:


It’s not that we expect that one would REALLY be shipwrecked, but that in life we need to take care of ourselves with you know, the necessities of life, which address all areas of our life (physical, mental, emotional). All too often we spend time and energy elsewhere in the pursuit of making things happen at work, school, and at home – but we sometimes forget to take care of the essentials. Like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating right, and of course, taking care of our skin! We may give any number of excuses as to why we do not spend the time doing things that are good for us.
Fortunately, taking great care of your skin is easy with the DOVE beauty bar.  It can be used for hands, face and in the shower – it truly is the ultimate beauty bar that your skins needs to survive your busy life.  Oh, and eat some chocolate, too – you will feel better, I promise.
I hope you like  my AD – feel free to give me some feedback 🙂

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